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Towards a Constructive Dialogue
Rabbi Adam Mintz

Orthodox Feminism and Feminist Orthodoxy
Rabbi Emanuel Feldman

Yoatzot Halachah: Fortifying Tradition Through Innovation
Chana Henkin

Dancing on the Edge
Batya Gold

Dear Morah
Jennifer M. Paquette


On and Off the Beaten Track in Gush Etzion
Peter Abelow

In Their Own Words
The Gush Etzion Story

Making Room at Her Table
Elisheva Schlam

Pitfalls to Avoid in Obtaining a Get
Rabbi Chaim Malinowitz

Jewish Divorce and the Role of the Beit Din
Rabbi Jonathan Reiss

The DNA Chain of Tradition
Rabbi Yaakov Kleiman

Anna T. Eisen

The House and the Builder
Dr. George Natann Schlesinger


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Jewish Action - Winter 5760/1999WINTER 5760
Volume 60, No. 2 Highlights:

"A Woman's Place..."

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