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 SPRING 2004/5764 - Volume 64, No. 3 

Celebrating the Seventieth Birthday of Rav Aharon Lichtenstein

• Something New in Beit Hamidrash
Shalom Carmy

• Book Review: Leaves of Faith

by Aharon Lichtenstein, Reviewed by Yitzchak Blau
• Torah Umadda: A Voice from the Academy
William Kolbrener
• To Sharpen Understanding
Aharon Lichtenstein

The Vanishing American Jew
Rabbi Berel Wein

In Search of Leaders
Reuven Spolter

• A Look at Leadership
Tzvi Hersh Weinreb



On and Off the Beaten Track in... The Arbel Cliffs
Peter Abelow


Letters to the Editor

President's Message
Joining the Club
Harvey Blitz

An Unorthodox Rabbi on Capitol Hill
The Legacy of Rabbi Baruch Rabinowitz
Rafael Medoff

What's the Truth about... the Meaning of "Pesach"?
Ari Z. Zivotofsky

On Organ Donation

Fossils and Faith: Understanding Torah and Science
by Nathan Aviezer, Reviewed by Cyril Domb

Chidren's Books
The Mitzvah-Go-Round
by Claire Buchwald and Larry Bogoslaw
Illustrated by Ann D. Koffsky

Bytes and PCs
The Blog Knows
Yitzchok Adlerstein

New to OU

The Chef's Table
The Passover Palate
Helen Nash

Jewish Living
An Effective Cure
Abraham J. Twerski

Just Between Us
The Disappearing Family Dinner
Barbara Bensoussan

The Quintessential Kashering Primer
Dovid Cohen

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