Insights on the Haggadah and Pesach

By Rabbi Eliyahu Safran

Published by KTAV in 1993 / beautiful cover (201 pg)
NOW REPRINTED [after being out of print for several years]

“Highly acclaimed” “a treasure house for a more meaningful Passover holiday” “it enriched our holiday”

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From the book jacket –

Drawing on the resources of Jewish thought and extensive Jewish sources, Rabbi Safran illuminates every aspect of the Passover festival, giving each facet and detail a meaning both timeless and timely. And since Passover symbolizes the two great themes of exile and redemption, which resonate even more strongly in our time than in generations past, Rabbi Safran in thirty-one masterful essays, provides us as well with a prism through which to view the events of our time.

About the author: distinguished educator, lecturer and author…
Senior Rabbinic Coordinator Kashrus Division, Orthodox Union.
Served as principal of Yeshiva University High School for Girls…
From 1974 to 1985 rabbi of Congregation Poale Zedeck Pittsburgh PA
and Hillel Academy of Pittsburgh…he was prime mover in establishing the Pittsburgh Kollel

He is the author of: 1) Crisis and Hope; Reflections on the Contemporary American Jewish Condition 2) Passion and Peace; Traditional Torah Thoughts and Contemporary Reflections and co-editor of 3) Porat Yosef; Studies Presented to Rabbi Dr. Joseph Safran

Among the book’s essays:

Growing Pains – Positive Lessons of Galut
Redemption to Freedom: A Pesach Approach to Birkat HaGomel
Avadim Hayinu – A Sandwiched Redemption
Discovering the Sons’ Merits: Another Look at the Four Sons
The Reader’s Digest of the Ten Plagues
Freedom of Body /Freedom of Soul
The Art of Preparation
Dayenu – Every Taker Must Become a Giver
Matzah – Single or Double Layer?
Endless Prayer: Insights into Tefilah, Hallel and Haggadah
Yes, There is “Seder!” Chad Gadyah
Memories of Anticipation

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